Merit Badge Counselors

Below is a list of Merit Badges for which counselors are available within the Troop. A full list of Merit Badge Counselors in our District is available in paper form; at Council's request, it is not available electronically. Please see the Scoutmaster if you would like a counselor outside the troop or would like to earn a Merit Badge not on this list.

Contact information is available on the Adult Leader Roster.

Merit Badge Counselor
American Business Mr. Schaible
American Cultures Mrs. Trontell
American Heritage Mr. Paulmeno
Mrs. Trontell
Architechture Mr. Gallagher
Art Mr. Gallagher
Aviation Mr. Schaible
Mr. Anderson
Backpacking Mr. Lawrence
Bugling Mr. La Tournous
Camping Mr. La Tournous
Mr. Lawrence
Chemistry Mr. Dittman
Cinematography Mr. Gallagher
Citizenship in the Community Mr. La Tournous
Mr. Primiani
Mrs. Trontell
Citizenship in the Nation Mr. Anderson
Mr. La Tournous
Mrs. Trontell
Citizenship in the World Mr. Dittman
Mr. La Tournous
Mrs. Trontell
Climbing Mrs. Trontell
Collections MOAT
Communications Mr. Burgess
Mr. Primiani
Mr. Anderson
Computers Mr. Burgess
Mr. La Tournous
Mr. Anderson
Cooking Mr. Dittman
Crime Prevention Mr. Paulmeno
Mr. Primiani
Disability Awareness Mr. Pittinger
Dog Care Mr. Pittinger
Electricity Mr. Anderson
Emergency Preparedness Mr. Paulmeno
Engineering Mr. Anderson
Environmental Science Mr. Dittman
Family Life MOAT
Mr. La Tournous
Mr. Paulmeno
Mr. Primiani
First Aid Mr. Lawrence
Fish & Wildlife Mr. Koch
Forestry Mr. Koch
Geneaology Mr. La Tournous
Geocaching Mr. La Tournous
Geology Mr. Lawrence
Hiking Mr. La Tournous
Home Repairs MOAT
Inventing Mr. Gallagher
Journalism Mr. La Tournous
Law Mr. Primiani
Model Design Mr. Haynes
Motorboating MOAT
Mr. Schaible
Music Mr. La Tournous
Nature Mr. Koch
Orienteering Mr. Lawrence
Pathfinding (2010) Mr. La Tournous
Personal Fitness Mr. Primiani
Personal Management Mr. Primiani
Photography Mr. Pittinger
Pioneering Mr. Haynes
Plumbing Mr. Haynes
Public Speaking Mr. Primiani
Mrs. Tighe
Railroading Mr. Paulmeno
Reading Mr. Pittinger
Rowing Mr. Schaible
Scholarship Mr. Pittinger
Small Boat Sailing Mr. Schaible
Mrs. Trontell
Snow Sports Mr. Burgess
Soil & Water Mr. Dittman
Swimming Mrs. Trontell
Traffic Safety Mr. Paulmeno
Water Sports MOAT
Mrs. Trontell
Weather Mr. Schaible
Wilderness Survival Mr. Pittinger
Woodwork MOAT
Mr. Pittinger

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