Every Scout Deserves a Trained Leader!

Training gives leaders the knowledge and confidence they need to help boys get the most out of the scouting program. All of Troop 200's leaders are expected to be trained and we are committed to providing the resources they need. Here are some links and information to get you started.

Required Training
The involvement of all our parents and adult leaders is essential to a successful program for our boys. Training is required for all leadership positions -- here's what you need to know to ensure your son gets the most out of his scouting experience. If you require training and need help in determining what you need and/or how to get it, please contact Mr. La Tournous.

For all leaders (Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmasters, Committee Members, Merit Badge Counselors, Eagle Candidate Advisers, etc.):

  • Boy Scout Fast Start Leader Training (Available online)
  • This is Scouting (available online; replaces New Leader Essentials)
  • Youth Protection (available online; must be renewed every two years)
  • Protecting God's Children (Online registration available here. This training course, along with fingerprinting and background check, is required by our Chartering Organization for all adults in our troop who have contact with scouts. No exceptions.)
  • Leader-Specific Training (Training requirements vary depending on your position; please see below or contact Mr. La Tournous for details.)
Additional Training for Specific Positions:

Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters:
  • Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmaster Leader Specific Training (Required)
  • Introduction to Outdoor Skills (Required)
  • Woodbadge for the 21st Century (Highly Recommended)
Committee Members:
  • Troop Committee Challenge (available online)
Merit Badge Counselors:
  • Submit Completed Application for Council Approval (Please see Mrs. La Tournous)
  • An online training course is available here.
Our Council maintains an Upcoming Training Page that lists continuously updated information on available training sessions in our area. Please check it often.

Instructions for Registering for Protecting God's Children Classroom Session and Fingerprinting

To register for PGC go to: www.DioMetuchen.org . Click on the 'Virtus sessions' box on the bottom left. Once on Virtus.org, find a PGC class and click 'Start Registration'.

To register for the VRO, first complete and submit a criminal background application to the ICC Parish Office. Once the application has been approved, go to www.bioapplicant.com/nj and register online for fingerprint submission as follows:
  • Click on for new applicants "Start Here"
  • Fill in the blanks as follows: Most of this information will be auto populated on your printed form.
  • Form Box 1: NJ9206102 Youth Servicing Organization
  • Form Box 2: YSB
  • Form Box 3-4: Youth Serving Organization
  • Form Box 5: VB1 Fed and State Cards
  • Form Box 7: MET003
  • Click "Continue". This will take you to the next page. You are on your way to providing the necessary personal information to schedule your fingerprinting appointment.
Upon completion, provide a copy of your PGC Course Certificate and proof of VRO, along with this form, to the troop membership coordinator.

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